Why Choose a Savage Pools & Patios Inground Pool If You Live in Franklin County, Ohio?

Deciding how you want to cool off when the hot summer months hit in Franklin County can be a big decision. Installing a pool means bringing in the fun all year long--and an inground pool offers some unique advantages that may make it well worth your while.

1. Inground Pools Add Home Value

In many cases, adding an inground pool will increase the value of your home more than an above-ground pool. Inground pools tend to maintain that value better and be more desirable to people who are interested in buying your property down the road.

2. Installing an Inground Pool Offers More Options

When you choose an inground pool, you have a lot of options about how it looks: not just its shape and size, but the features you want to add, the drop and depth, and more. By opting for an inground pool, you can make sure that it fully fits your needs. We have a wide variety and brands of vinyl pools and fiberglass pools to choose from!

3. Inground Pools are More Likely to Stand the Test of Time

When you go to the effort of putting in a pool, you want it to last. Fortunately, inground pools are designed to do exactly that. They often stand the test of time better than their above-ground counterparts, which means you can enjoy the summer fun for years to come.

4. Inground Pools are Perfect for Entertaining the Whole Family

When you put in an inground pool, you turn your home into the perfect summer hangout. You can spend more time with the kids, invite their friends over to enjoy the pool, or just hang out with friends and loved ones. Easy access to the pool means that you'll be able to kick back and relax poolside all summer long, increasing your ability to enjoy your home and everything it offers.

5. An Inground Pool Brings the Vacation to You

Having an inground pool helps you feel as though you are on vacation all summer long--which can be particularly beneficial if you opt not to travel. If relaxing by the pool is at the top of your summer vacation list, you'll find that having an inground pool in your own back yard helps create that sense of relaxation no matter what else life might throw your way.

If you live in Franklin County, Ohio, you'll find that having an inground pool offers several great benefits, not just the year you first install it, but year after year. With an inground pool, you have a wide range of pool options and features at your fingertips, you can expect it to hold its value over time, and you're ready to dive in and enjoy the cool, fresh water at any time of the year. Here at Savage Pools & Patios we can make your backyard stand out! We welcome you to call us today.