Why Choose an Inground Pool with Savage Pools & Patios if you Live in Licking County, Ohio?

Summers get hot in Licking County, Ohio. For those who don't want to drive to the beach or the local pool, the next best option is to cool off at home. Wading pools, slip-and-slides, and above-ground pools provide some fun and relief. But the ultimate luxury is owning a personal inground pool.

An inground pool offers the privilege of bathing and swimming anytime on private personal property. Inground pools provide a convenient and enjoyable experience, increase home value and curb appeal, and are a great way to exercise, get fit, and enjoy a healthy, relaxing time outside. Licking County residents who choose to have inground pools on their property can enjoy all these benefits year-round from the comfort and privacy of their home, garden, or backyard.

Personal Luxury

Pools on private property can be customized to fit any size and include any feature the homeowner wants. The exclusivity, privacy, and customizability of a personal inground pool cannot compare with any other bathing experience. Homeowners have complete control over their pools. This allows them to relax, unwind, and enjoy themselves in ways they cannot in public.

Inground pools are also focal points for parties, get-togethers with friends, and a host of other social occasions. Everyone wants a friend with a pool, and Licking County pool parties are always favorite summertime events.

A Valuable Investment

Inground pools are typically associated with wealth, privilege, status, class, and exclusivity. Homes that install inground pools usually increase in value by five to eight percent. That can be a significant amount of money for Licking County homeowners looking to improve their property value, or who want to make a shrewd and enjoyable investment.

An inground pool is also a great selling point and an effective way to increase curb appeal when selling or flipping a home. Inground pools are attractive features that will entice additional buyers and justify higher asking prices. Single-family and multi-unit condos and rental properties will also see greater interest, higher pricing, and better occupant satisfaction when inground pools are available to residents.

Health and Wealth

Inground fiberglass pools and vinyl pools support a fit, healthy lifestyle by facilitating exercise and providing a reason for people of all ages and fitness levels to spend time outside. Swimming is a great full-body cardiovascular workout that also tones and strengthens muscles. For those who can't or don't swim, inground pools can be fitted with diving boards, basketball hoops, or volleyball nets. Even simple splashing, horseplay, or a game of catch is a great way to be active and enjoy the cool water, fresh air, and warm sunshine.

Inground pools are also very relaxing and great for mental and emotional health. Pool decks are the perfect place to nap, tan, read books, have a drink, listen to music, or just relax. The gentle sound and soothing appearance of the water are very placating and a great benefit of having an inground pool.

Savage Pools & Patios has decades of experience transforming your yard into the outdoor oasis you have been dreaming of. From the best fit of a custom pool, to the poolside patio and landscaping, we got you covered. Please contact us today for your free quote!