What Services are Included in Savage Pools & Patios Pool Openings and Closings?

Savage Pools & Patios offers openings and closings for your pool. If any of our service requires the usage of additional material or parts other than what is included in our standard service, we will contact you for this fee.

Savage Pools & Patios Pool Opening and Closing Services

• Opening Your Pool
We will come out and open your pool to get it ready for the season so you can begin enjoying your outdoor living space and stress about doing this on your own.

• Troubleshooting and Repairs
During your opening or closing we will troubleshoot any operation errors. If we determine a problem, we will provide a solution to get your pool up and running.

• Winterizing Your Pool
Winterization is critical to ensure that your pool maintains its integrity year over year. We will make sure your pool is ready for winter, so no issues arise for your spring opening. Ice damage, frozen lines, and equipment failures due to NOT winterizing your pool are very costly to repair.

• Basic Pool Maintenance
Savage Pools & Patios also offers a service to maintain your pool between opening and closing services. We will ensure that the filters are cleaned, the pumps are operational, and Everything is running smoothly. Please contact us today to discuss your individual needs.

• Vinyl Liner Replacements
We offer full-service vinyl liner replacements. If your liner is ready to be replaced, we will come drain your pool, tear the old liner out, replace any needed parts, and install a new liner of your choice. We will then refill with water and all within a one-to-two-day period.