Vinyl Liner Pools & Garrett Brand Liners by Savage Pools & Patios

The Vinyl Liner Pool option is a proven option for Ohio and there are significant benefits to selecting a vinyl liner pool. First, you can customize the size, shape, and color. Due to shipping restraints, Fiberglass can only go up to 16’ wide and vinyl has no limitations to size. Our vinyl liner pools have vermiculite bottom so they feel solid under your feet versus the sand fill option that some companies offer.

With our helpful staff here at Savage Pools & Patios, we can help create the pool just for you and your family. Customize the steps, tanning ledges, benches, and deep end if desired with any size in mind. Liners need to be changed every 10-15 years on average. Some people like the thought of getting a new pool liner every 10-15 years so they can change the color if desired or just make it look like a brand new pool again.

We can make your vinyl liner pool look very updated and classy as shown in the photo here. As you can see, there is no border at the top of this pool to keep it looking very design clean and simple. The liner pattern also mimics a mosaic tile which looks really good against this Egyptian Limestone paver and bullnose coping. Vinyl liner pools also offer Automatic Pool Cover installations with a rectangular or square shaped pool.

Benefits of Having a Vinyl Pool

Nothing beats the summertime coolness and comfort of your pool, especially if it is installed in your backyard. If you are considering purchasing a new pool for your home or business, you should consider vinyl swimming pools. They can offer so much. Here are some benefits of a vinyl swimming pool.

Cost-Effective Installation and Customizable

Vinyl pools are a cost effective option and is a proven solution for our Ohio climate. Vinyl pools offer a wide range of custom options and that will specifically meet you and your family's needs. Unlike fiberglass, we can customize length, width, depth, steps, and all other features in the pool. The only downfall to a liner pool is that you will have to replace the liner at one point. The typical life span of a liner is around ten years. Our customers really like the opportunity to get a larger pool. That is what a vinyl liner pool with Savage Pools & Patios can offer you!

It's Easy to Maintain

Water chemistry maintenance is critical to the lifespan of your vinyl liner. It's very important to keep your water in balance in order for clear water but also for the longevity of the liner. We offer 27 to 30 mil vinyl liners to provide you the most durable liner options possible. If you have dogs that are aggressive, a liner pool might not be the best option for you.

Perfect Blend of Both Worlds

A vinyl pool offers the ultimate compromise. It's easy to clean and maintain, just like fiberglass, but with all the personalization options of concrete. If you're looking for the convenience of fiberglass with customization like concrete, this is the best option. It's a win-win situation! We invite you to contact our team at Savage Pools & Patios today!